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Another disappointment

As an artist, I am finding it difficult to be motivated in the current situation. I have lots of time, yes, but one by one my events are dropping away, leaving me feeling like I am creating only for me. My tree dress, locked down in the Art Gallery in Kitchener, Ontario, will travel to its next destination in Nova Scotia in July without opening even for a day in Kitchener. I did not get to see it in the first installation.

This piece was created to enter the Felt Canada Symposium Gallery exhibit. The Symposium has been cancelled, and now the Gallery exhibit will not even be held "on line".

It is created with natural local fibre "rocks" imbedded in a damaged but continually mended heart. When I first imagined this piece, it was meant to represent a long life of surviving and overcoming adversity. Now I see it in the light of the current pandemic and it has become even more relevant. Fear and hopelessness weigh down my usually enthusiastic creative force.

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