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My Shop is Live

I finally took some time from working with my new Felt::Feutre Canada position, and from Grandparents Home School, to launch the shop section of this website. I have one PDF workshop, mittens, and a couple of special finished wearable art pieces. More to come as I keep developing new workshops.

The workshops are something I need to create, because I miss teaching in person, and I hope to develop a good (and wider) audience of emerging felt-makers online. It looks like this method of learning about felt is here to stay, especially in Canada where we are likely to be very cautious of re-emerging too soon from this terrible virus. We are very lucky the chain of supply of our beloved fibre seems to be minimally affected by the pandemic, with our shops pivoting quickly to mail order, and curb side pick up.

What would I have done if prohibited from plunging wet, soapy hands into beautiful wool fibre. It has kept me sane, and I hope my students will find joy in the PDF workshops.

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